Welcome to Theta Healing® Arizona!

Suzanne RoloffMy name is Suzanne Roloff and I hold a certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. I offer ThetaHealing® (registered trademark of Nature Path, Inc.) Practitioner Classes and Theta Healing® sessions, here in our beautiful and magical state of Arizona!  I have witnessed ThetaHealing® change and create miracles in my own life and that of many others and look forward to sharing it with you. ThetaHealing Science LOGO

For more information from ThetaHealing’s founder, Vianna Stibal, visit her website at www.ThetaHealing.com.  I also have a Theta Healing® Wisconsin site at www.thetahealingwisconsin.com, and  a www.thetahealingsedona.com site with information and classes specific to the Sedona area.

You can break the payments up into 3 or 6 monthly payments for each class through paypal!

2014 Classes in Phoenix:
Take all three of these classes for an 8 Day Power Class with a price savings!

Basic Class Nov. 14th-16th
Advanced Class Nov. 19th-21st
Manifesting and Abundance Class Nov. 22nd-23rd
Dig Deeper Class Nov. 24th and 25th (also offering this brand new 2 day class)
3 week Intuitive Anatomy Class Dec. 1st-5th, 8th-12th, and 15th-18th, Phoenix

September and October Sedona Thetahealing Classes… (see www.thetahealingsedona.com)

Sept..Starting on the 14th Basic, Advanced, and Manifesting and Abundance classes….. 8 day power class in Sedona
or end of Sept. Game of Life Class for an 11 day power class in Sedona
Crystal Layout Class-Sept.
Access Consciousness Bars Class-Sept.
All of the above Sept. classes are in Sedona and exact dates are on the Sedona website listed above

October: (in Sedona) all dates are on Sedona website listed above, check out the new classes!
Planes of Existance Class
Family Ties Class
Dig Deeper Class
Crystal Viewing Class
Access Bars Practitioner class-Sedona

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Please view my Intro to Theta Healing Arizona video:


Hi Suzanne,
“I want to express my deepest appreciation for all you did yesterday. Thank you for holding a safe sacred space so I could look at and heal some of the scariest and darkest parts of myself. Thank you for your gentleness in allowing me to process and eventually permit myself to let go of all that old “stuff”. Thank you for your profound and powerful prayers! You are an amazing, compassionate healer and I am so grateful that you are part of my Divine Timing! I know this integration will take some time, yet I woke this morning feeling excited to discover who I really am, fully in my own energy. My heart is bursting at the seams, I feel like anything is possible, and this is because of you! Your healing set me free!!! Thank you, thank you!!!
Love, Light & Gratitude,

“Thank you, Suzanne for sharing these life changing classes and knowledge of Thetahealing with me.  Your soft spoken manner and unconditional love made for a very safe space for me to release beliefs that no longer serve me and to envision the woman, mother, wife, and human I am capable of being.” With deepest respect…. Love, Shelley Erickson, Canada “If you are considering taking the Intuitive Anatomy class with Suzanne Roloff, don’t think twice. It is an amazing experience and worth every minute and every penny you will pay. This class really deepened the entire Theta experience for me and led me to becoming free of so many beliefs and issues that were keeping me restricted in my life. And Suzanne was amazingly gifted and so kind and gracious throughout,  taking individual time with each participant. She was so gracious with the little extras for class,  and so giving of herself as well. This class will deepen and enrich your life in ways you don’t even expect. Thanks, Suzanne for all you are…full of grace and light.” With love, Teresa Boshears